At the Foundation of Brand Is Language

At the Foundation of Brand Is Language

The Functions of a Brand


Through content


With messaging and SEO


By understanding social convention


By appealing to discourse convention

Creating an incredible brand means understanding how to make it

informative, resonant, relevant, and inspiring.

This Is the Domain of Language

A brand’s identity is not innate. It’s the product of carefully curated language (both visual and textual), positioned in such a way as to promote the values a business and its clients believe in. From web pages to advertisements, the language a brand uses tells its story. It helps the brand to communicate with its audience and deliver messages that are relevant, informative and resonant.

More than 10 years of linguistic and marketing research have helped me to understand the underlying infrastructure of brands and language. Through careful positioning, this helps businesses to promote the right values and the right information at the right time. To this end, content allows brands to pass through three vital stages.

Understanding Convention

Realizing Position

Inspiring Distinction

It's Time to Tailor Content to Your Brand

The words you choose carry with them meaning and weight. To make something better is different than to make something the best; to optimize is different than to improve. As brands come to realize their own identity, so too must they realize their own language: their own lexicon.

A lexicon provides a clear path forward. The words that form a lexicon show tone and style, but they also embody the story a brand is trying to tell and the journey a user will embark on. As that user passes through a brand’s sales funnel, their mindset will change and so too must the language being used. It is here where brands can become truly distinct and unforgettable.

Get Started for Yourself

The Language of Brands

How incredible brands do language right

The Language of Brands is about how the largest and most successful businesses use language to connect with consumers. It’s about how the words marketers use do more than just share simple messages. Why are some writers good and others bad? Why has content become such a central part of the marketing machine?

The Language of Brands looks at businesses that have successfully mastered their language to great effect. The brand that conquered Christmas and became a part of December canon, the brand whose very name instantly brings with it a sense of motivation and potential, and the brand whose language did more for the diamond industry than a sparkling stone ever could.

The Language of Brands reveals why when we look at billboards and webpages - and whatever other channels businesses market to us through - we read what we read, see what we see, and feel what we feel.

With the Language of Brands You Will:

• Learn how to market your brand to consumers using their language.
• Develop clear frameworks for brand distinction within an industry or topic.
• Explore bleeding-edge techniques for language analysis across entire industries with minimal lift.
• Learn simple, often neglected methodologies for dominating in search engine results and SEO.
• See real-life examples of what makes branding powerhouses like Apple, McDonald’s and Nike different than their competitors.
• Understand the metrics that will help you get buy-in for instigating brand change within your organization.